Formally incorporated on 31st October 2005 under The Societies Registration Act, 1860.


Who we are?

OCWA is a voluntary organization incepted in the year 1992, formally incorporated on 31st October 2005 under The Societies Registration Act, 1860, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the promotion and propagation of Odia culture and language in Delhi and NCR through socio-cultural events and developmental activities!

A help to those who need it!
Odia Library cum Cultural Centre in Delhi

We at OCWA aspire and will strive towards our goal of establishing an Odia Library cum Cultural Centre in Delhi, which would help in its own way to contribute towards the up-keep of Odia literature, culture and heritage.

Help us in our mission by supporting and contributing to our objective. Your donation will be eligible for deduction u/s 80G of The Income Tax Act. OCWA is also registered with MCA, Govt. of India for undertaking CSR activities.

Goal Rs.2 Crore

Raised:- 20 Lakh

Best in Odishaaaa!

Odisha, once a land of Kings and Kingdoms, now boasts of being rich source of natural resources. Its rich history and people, temple architecture, classical dance, religions, fairs and festivals, unique handlooms and handicrafts, cuisine and rituals and traditions have always attracted historians, tourists and travellers from all over the world.

On the eastern coast of India, lies the royalty of a state that has many splendour to display.

Vibrant and utilitarian art and the artefacts of Odisha are prized possession of a connoisseur.

Beaches serenity unplugged! Watch the sea toss and turn, find a moment to yourself as the wave’s crash against time!

Experience the true bliss of Odisha through its glorious tradition of music and dance.

A saga of excellence, imposing structures and skilful craftsmanship transcends time & captures your imagination.

Our Mission

To preserve, perpetuate and promote the Odia culture and communities with a mission statement- Eka mana, Eka Prana, Eka Pranta, Eka Chinha, which means getting Odias together.

Our Vision

To promote, team spirit, transparency and building trust among our fellow Odias. With the stated mission and vision, we have been successful in reaching out to our youth and several of them have come forward to become active members of the OCWA society.


Have Done Yet!


What we do?

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

Cultural Celebration with Ethnic Odia Lunch & Dinner for all

Blood Donation Camps

Wilfully donate blood to Indian Red Cross Society

Child Education

Teaching children Odia during school vacations

Odia Magazine (Utkal Gauraba)

Publish and distribute the magazine to all members & non-members.

Nurturing Young Minds

We help them to enhance their personal developmental skills.

Bijay K Mohanty

Mr. Bijay K Mohanty is one of the founding members of OCWA, nurtured this forum with his sincere accumenship, guidance and advice. He is a Master in Business Administration.

Dr. Sananta Sahoo
Vice President

Dr. Sananta Sahoo from Rourkela, a Laparoscopic Surgeon, is a great team builder and motivator.

Sanjay Bal

Mr. Sanjay Bal from Baleswar is in charge of developmental & promotional activities. He is an ICWA by profession & working with a Public Sector Undertaking.

Prakash Prusty
Joint Secretary

Mr. Prakash Prusty, a Company Secretary by profession, co-ordinates & arranges the organizational activities. He is from Keonjhar.

Banoj Pradhan
Additional Jt. Secy

Mr. Banoj Pradhan, a Company Secretary by profession, looks after liaison and legal work and hails from Anugul.


Social & Welfare Partners